Your Words: A More Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age

Depending on where you go in the Jedi community, there is much talk of martial arts. If we take the fiction as our starting point, it goes without saying that those we emulate were competent in various forms of martial arts designed specifically for them ( forms I-VII). While we emulate the Jedi, and the practice of martial arts is certainly not without merit, it occurs to me that the application of the physical portions of martial arts can only occur in a narrow space (you or someone in your vicinity is in danger and you have exhausted all other options). The same is not true of communication. The need for that has become more evident given the state of affairs.. But this is much broader than mediation between two or more parties. As it is broader, so it requires more considerations and a greater refining of skills. Before we can begin to talk about communication and improving our skills with it, we need to look at its purpose.  Human beings are social creatures and our success and …
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